“I now know more intimacy with God, my faith has increased. I have found new creative ways to worship God. I am not afraid to move in prophetic gifts when speaking to people in the street. It has been a privilege to be part of the dream. I also send my thanks to Dave, Pete and Kim and others for their excellent teaching and direction during this year. It has been a privilege to be part of their hope.” Marian

“I no longer work to earn God’s love. I have moved from sinner to saint. This year I’ve never cried so much or laughed so much. There is one verse that resides with me and sums up my experience: The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” Joel

“I have learnt that I am significant, chosen and anointed to bring His Kingdom here on earth. This year has been an amazing, but up and down journey of discovering who I am, my identity in Christ and that it is OK to be me. God loves who I am and has chosen and anointed me to bring his Kingdom here on earth. I am significant and have so much to bring.” Lizzy

“What an amazing 3 dimensional journey into Word, Spirit and Relationship. I am now a more effective “Practitioner” in the Kingdom. ESSL is an intensive and ambitious course, inviting sustained, multiple-dimensional contributions from both leaders and students alike. It also invites a complete overhaul of one’s theological viewpoints.” Ken

“It was more than I imagined. Intimacy with the heart of my father God, that I never knew before, opened my heart, my thinking and my soul into a deeper place in the kingdom of Heaven. I didn’t expect what I experienced in school; it’s more than I had imagined! Every part of my soul, spirit was transformed in the atmosphere of love, every question, and every hunger to know God more is satisfied and I felt so much peace and rest every day. I can say that I began to be the girl in my dreams that I wanted to be in Christ because of my identity that I have discovered during this year. Because I have taken so much confidence in me, I’ve felt so much authority of the Father in me. I have grown up so much more in the prophetic, freedom, love. So many good adventures! Now that the school is finished, it’s just the beginning for me.” Anais

“If you are thinking about doing ESSL I say…do it! It is life changing; it transforms you through the renewing of your minds. It’s awesome! The only way is forward! Whoop! Whoop!” Raquel

“Since we started the course we have seen miracles in the church – a groin strain healed, double vision healed, suspected appendicitis healed, a lump in the breast healed, a husband had an open vision that saved his marriage. When I started ESSL I was simply blown away by the love that I felt from the students and the leaders of the course. I was so impacted by this, and by the teaching (even at the very start), and by the desperation in each of the students to experience more of God, that when I went home that night I said to my wife: “you have to come”. Thank you, Eastgate, for releasing your leaders to be able to run the school. It is having a massive impact, and will continue to do so. As a result of this school, many people are being blessed, many churches are being blessed, many nations will be blessed, and you as a church have been and will be blessed by giving this school to the world. It is a fragrant offering and you will be blessed for giving it.” Rob