ESSL Online Course Content


Each time we meet, we will take time to focus our attention onto God, to worship Him, and hear good news about what He has been doing through us as a community. He always blesses us in return. So, expect times of deep encounter with His presence and power.


Our apostolic culture undergirds everything we do. Be equipped to live in the presence of God, live in the freedom Jesus died to give us, and move in the power of the Holy Spirit as a lifestyle of the supernatural, healing the sick and transforming the world around you to be more like Heaven.

Revelatory Gifts

Learn how to grow in the revelatory gifts including the gift of prophecy and words of knowledge. Along with teaching there will be times of activation for you to practice and grow in what you are learning.


Get transformed as your mind is renewed by teaching on the theology of who God is, and who we are.

Encounter His Love

Encounter the life changing love of the Father through interactive sessions that help you experience the Father’s heart towards you. Understand who you are in Christ and who Christ is in you.

Impact the world

Be inspired and equipped to step out to impact the world around you with the good news of the gospel of the Kingdom.

Connect Groups

True Kingdom life cannot be worked out in isolation. It always requires community. Connect groups are a key part of our meeting and learning together online and form part of a thriving and dynamic community with whom you will journey throughout the school year. These groups are a safe place to build friendships, ask questions, share good news, grow together, practise, be encouraged, and encounter God.

Activation Times

Each week will include powerful times of activation so that you can step into and practise what you have been taught.